Product Differentiation

Problems with Existing Products

  1. Excessive sugar and chocolate content
  2. Use of chemical additives and preservatives
  3. Fried in oil or has excessive sodium content
  4. Too hard

Weak function as a healthy food!

The Time/Red Pulse

The Time/Red Pulse
  1. A high nutrition, low calorie nutritional meal made of super grains, nuts and dried fruit
  2. Product Reliability – Selected super nuts used instead of powder
  3. Soft – Improved hardness of nuts, easy for all ages to consume
  4. Environment-friendly natural food – No chemical additives or preservatives used (2-NO product)
  5. High-Quality Simple Food – Easily portable, easily consumable, no crumbs
  6. Excellent for Metabolism – Use of fructooligosaccharide rich with fiber
  7. Contains nano lacto acid bacteria and fish collagen, good for the health